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  • The Grownups is a documentary television series for children and youth that deals with sex education and adolescence broadcast on the children's channel. The series was created by Or Sitt, Yarden Stefansky, and Bonit Ben Ami. The series aired in 2015.
  • The show has drawn public criticism, claiming that the show does not take into account the fact that even very young children watch the channel, especially because it airs early. MK Zohar claimed that "I have no objection to sex education, but not at the age of five or six or ten - and this is the average age of viewers on the channel.

  • " Prevention of the show was postponed and an episode of pornography was postponed from eight-thirty to ten o'clock.Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. 

THE challenge

Deliver content of sex education to teens in an innovative way.

our approach

Create content that you would watch.

our solution

A TV series in which the children talk about adolescence at eye level, in their language, among themselves.

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