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How to build a brand book?

A brand book is wildly important for a business. it contains the basic and advanced guidelines to a business and brand design, typography, and full graphic language.

The brand book is considered the brand bible – it is a wide
comprehensive document that explains in detail the internal and external designs, regulations and language of a business or a brand. It's the first step of getting all employees and brand partners to talk out the brand the same way – creating a much-needed consistency and accuracy in the external and internal display of the business.

You too should have a well explained brand book for your business. There are many steps in the way there, and here's a few.
Some brand books are only focused on the design and creative part, and others include guidelines and communication overview.

Regarding the creative aspect, you should decide on your businesses color palates and typography. It's important to choose those not only by your personal creative view, but also on the businesses character and the compatibility to it.
Your brand book should be inspiring and including of dreams and desires. It should make your potential and existing customers know your business better, and help them connect with it more naturally.
It's not an easy task to create the right brand book for a business. We recommend reaching for the help of experts who would help you out!



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