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  • TV advertising campaign by Vegan Friendly, the international non-profit organisation that aims to end animal cruelty and slow climate change by promoting plant-based food alternatives.
  • The 60-second advert, created by international non-profit Vegan Friendly, shows a couple shopping in a supermarket. When they ask for ‘extra fresh’ meat, they are handed a living lamb. The commercial ends with the message ‘make the connection’.
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The advert was initially broadcast during the current season finale of Survivor Israel: this season has the highest ratings in the show’s history, and so the spot was chosen to ensure as many people as possible would see the commercial.



 vegan advert  that first went viral in Israel garnered over 15 million views in the UK since its debut two months ago. Vegan Friendly created the ad. They are a non-profit organization that seeks to end animal suffering by promoting plant-based food.

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