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  • TORNADO is one of the top three air conditioning companies in Israel, over the years, has become the preferred air conditioning brand among professional clients and installers and has been valued and recommended. 
  • The company is the second-largest company in the air conditioning market. About 9 million people live in Israel today and Tornado holds one-third of the air conditioning market share in Israel.

THE challenge

our mission was to positioning air conditioners as a designed home decor accessory, as a luxury product. and Produce commercials with an emphasis on aesthetics, from the worlds of premium, beauty, and fashion brands.

our approach

Make a perfume commercial for an air conditioner 

our solution

Enhances the feeling of "beauty film" in close-ups. Use of anamorphic lenses to produce a high and assigned aesthetic cinematic language.
Top of the edge styling and locationtions.

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Watch video
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