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  • Swing fans The leading brand in high-quality, designed ceiling fans. As a leading brand, the company regrets the values of innovation, creativity, efficiency and reliability.
  • The company was founded by the Hauser brothers, the founders and owners of Technolite, who have been leading the lighting market in Israel for over 25 years. 

THE challenge

our mission was to re-brand the air fans as a designed home decor accessory. rather than just a ceiling fan.

our approach

Brand Swing ceiling fans as a Piece of Art. educate the market to the fact that ceiling fans are good trough all the year not just in the summer.

our solution

Creating content that deliver the massage in while giving a lifestyle commercial feeling.

Watch video
Watch video



After we deep dive into the concept, we came out with the main campaigns and start to develop the production, the whole idea was to show moments of the model in her home. using ceiling fans, through all the seasons, and to keep it very chick, lifestyle, campaign.



The location was a classic American design home, to keep the home feeling. each season got its characteristics so we can deliver the idea that swing fans fit every season.

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