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  • OI Technology explain your story, Original Intelligent (OI) has been around for millions of years, but not many people know how to use it properly. 
  • Our system (Brains, to be exact) knows how to connect marketing and strategy, your strategy, in order to make a tailored marketing plan especially for you.

Simplify Your Story

We have cracked the method of turning complex stories, just like your business strategy, and simplifying it in such a way that everyone can understand.

Make It Stand Out

Stand out with sophisticated content, video productions and inbound marketing depends on the platforms you need.

(Even GitHub, just tell us which language)

Achieve your goal

Brand position, Marketing strategy and even figuring out your brand identity.

We're here to help you scale up, sharpen your goals and make your parents proud. Big time.


OI Technology was made for you


The planning process, strategy and branding we do is based entirely on minds. And when great minds think alike - we do our best to think differently and make every step of the process groundbreaking.



We put the "i" of identity into the branding process in order to breathe life into your brand.

Our goal is to make it think, talk and broadcast in the same way - just as it would if it had a brain of its own.

Employer branding


If there is one thing that is more important than your customers understanding what you are doing, it is that your employees understand it better.

That's exactly why we're here with storytelling capabilities that will help you get the right message across to the right person.



Even the most successful story will not work if no one hears it.

We will help you decide where it is right for you to be and where not, who your story speaks to and who not.

With precise creativity and placements we will lower costs and reach a conversion ratio in integers. Sounds impossible? Try us

The way to IPO goes through OI


We know how complex it is to come up with a solution designed to change the world and be able to explain it in one sentence to both investors and customers. We do not want to sound arrogant, but we really cracked the method - ask our customers. Challenge us, let us build you a brand that will attract customers and investors until the guys at Silicon Valley

Your Inbound Marketing Team


Our goal is one: turn your brand into a cultural icon from concept to consensus.

companies come to us because we understand what makes audience tick, and talk.

We've led dozens of brands to international success by defining precise strategies that create multi-platform connection with audiences, investors and even potential employees.

Digital Brand


Creating a flexible brand across all digital media to impact growth. With a growing number of content distribution platforms.


Costumers stages


Team Stefansky Inbound Marketing approach together with above-the-line expertise creates the holistic funnel which allows us to accompany Tech companies and enterprises through all the Funding Lifecycle – From Pre-Seed to Liquidity Event. 


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